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Global Weather Will Change Due To Geophysical Pole Shift, Researcher Claims

Recently, several regions have been hit by intense heatwaves and wildfires. Some scientists have argued that this could be caused by global warming; however, many others opine that this could be the sign of what has been called Geophysical Pole shift, which could actually trigger a new Ice Age in our planet.

Writer and researcher Angellica Goodson theorised that the Earth “is experiencing a Geophysical Pole shift and, as a result, the continents are once again moving towards a new location”.

“As the Earth grew apart, she divided herself into the seven continents we have today. What caused this movement appears to have been the Geophysical Pole shifts that have happened to the surface of the planet for over 2 billion years. The contents sit on plates that once fit together perfectly when the Earth was a smaller ball”, she explained. “As the continents migrated and changed places the Sun’s direction also changed, depending upon where the continents sat. As the north and south poles moved further away from the equator, the Sun’s heat and rays did not reach the north and south poles very well because the rays are concentrated on the equator. As a result, the poles froze over. When the Earth was one small ball, there were no frozen poles”, she added.

According to Ms Goodson, this current Geophysical Pole shift is moving Europe towards north and the Americas towards the equator. In consequence, the temperature in Europe will fall, while America will become warmer. “As North America rolls south the path the sun light takes will change. Currently it appears that North America has dropped down south around 10 degrees and has tipped or tilted so that the western part of North America is starting to sit on her side”, she affirmed. “North America would be experiencing warmer temperatures because she is dropping down towards the equator and because of the drop and tilt, for example, solar panels would have to be moved to adjust to the different position the sun was in as she crossed in front of the panels”, the researcher continued.

“Look at where you live on the map and then drop your location down between 6-10 degrees, which is where you actually are, or pretty close to where you are on the map today”, she explained.

Draw your own conclusions…

For more information on this phenomenon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJfBSc6e7QQ