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Ottawa boosts growth of Enterra food-waste facility

A $6-million investment from the federal government has helped B.C.-based company Enterra —manufacturers of sustainable insect-based feed ingredients for the fish, poultry and pet food industries — build and start to scale up operations at its Balzac, Alta. warehouse. 

Marie-Claude Bibeau, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Foods, made the funding announcement Monday morning alongside leadership of the first company in Canada to receive regulatory approval to produce animal feed using flies.

The flies, black soldier flies to be exact, are high in protein and fat making them ideal candidates to be processed into animal feed and the most efficient insect for feed production. In its 200,000 square foot facility, Enterra’s larvae are fed with food waste that would otherwise be sent to landfills.

“These funds have supported the construction costs as well as innovative equipment and production process improvements. . . As a result of these innovations, Enterra is now able to recycle more than 130 tonnes of food waste per day, boosting production of animal feed ingredients to 10 tonnes per day,” Bibeau said.

Since its first products came off the line nearly a year ago, the company faced difficulties in scaling up operations due to COVID-19 but has since been able to ramp up efforts and will be at full production early this year, CEO Keith Driver said.