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Ottawa Business Leaders Urge Federal Government to Share a Comprehensive Re-Opening Plan Before Calling the Next Election

OTTAWA, ON, July 8, 2021 /CNW/ - Together with the Canadian Travel and Tourism Roundtable (The Roundtable), industry leaders from Ottawa are calling on the federal government to announce a re-opening plan for Canadians before calling an election. With the second consecutive summer travel season now officially in jeopardy, time is ticking for Ottawa businesses.

In a normal year, Ottawa's tourism sector generates $2.2 billion in revenue; last year $1.4 billion was lost to COVID-19. The summer travel season is disproportionately important to local Ottawa businesses.

With vaccination rates where they are today, businesses have suffered unnecessarily; in large part resulting from the federal government's failure to produce a comprehensive and science-based re-opening plan.

Canadians have been rushing in droves to get vaccinated – breaking records nearly every day. In Ottawa alone, nearly 50 per cent of Ottawa adults are now fully vaccinated and almost 70 per cent have received one dose of the vaccine, making Ottawa one of the most vaccinated cities in the world. The federal government should be rewarding this effort with clear guidance on what re-opening looks like. Fully vaccinated foreign travellers are still unable to visit Canada and this is devastating local business.

As Canada gears up for a likely fall election, the Canadian Travel and Tourism Roundtable requests that the federal government hold off on sending Canadians to the polls until a comprehensive re-opening plan is established and implemented. We can't play politics with the livelihoods of Canadians and Canadian businesses.