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Fitness and nutrition business InStep Health brings something new to Ottawa

A unique fitness and nutrition business that specializes in helping clients begin their journey of living a healthy and thriving lifestyle is now open in the Glebe.

InStep Health specializes in personal training for up to 2 people in a private studio, as well as nutrition coaching. They also offer special classes that focus on stick mobility training. Co-owner Emilie Paradis is one of only a few people in Ottawa certified to coach this training system.

Emilie Paradis and Dany Lapointe originally began their business in Gatineau before the chaos of Covid-19 hit. The duo had to temporarily put their plans of moving their business to Ottawa on hold until a few months ago.

“During Covid we regrouped and refocused and by chance we found this place in the Glebe. We renovated and added our personal touch to the place, and now we are just happy to reopen,” says Co-owner Dany.

Emilie and Dany met three years ago when Dany decided to take control of her body, health, and her life.

Dany continues, “[Emilie] reassured me right away and told me it was never too late to be healthier. She taught me that food is not an enemy, that counting calories and restricting certain foods can help early on, but it is not a long-term solution. Because of her nutritional knowledge, support, and dedication, I lost 50 pounds and have never felt better.”

“My approach is mostly based on focusing on one step at a time. I don’t like people comparing themselves to others on social media. All the different diets and trends can get very confusing. I like to individualize my approach to the person that is in front of me. Only saying you can only eat one thing and never eat another thing while also counting calories was not an approach for me,” says Emilie.

Emilie’s qualifications and memberships include an Advanced Holistic Nutritionist Diploma, Acupuncture Diploma, Personal trainer certification, Stick Mobility Coach Level 2, and Hormonal Health.