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How Group Insurance Benefits Cohesive Affinity Groups

When you have great employees on board your company, how do you stop them from jumping ships? One fantastic way to do so is by offering your employees a good benefits package.

While many small-business owners believe that offering benefits would be too expensive for them to afford, it is a penny-wise philosophy that could ruin the business’ chances of long-term progress.

“There are certain benefits good employees feel they must have,” said Ray Silverstein, founder of PRO, President’s Resource Organization in a report.

Toping the list of benefits that is a must-have is group insurance. This is because it offers employees the protection they deserve and ensures that your organization remains a place where everyone would want to work. Developing a quality membership benefits package, offers benefits to both the affinity group and its members alike.

Furthermore, choosing the right provider is just as important. The Personal has been totally dedicated to providing home and auto group insurance for well over 30 years—having strong partnership with over 700 of top organizations in Canada. They provide top-edge products and offers to employees at unbeatable rates and quality service. Getting group auto or home insurance at The Personal is very affordable, easy to purchase and much easier to make a claim as they equally provide business insurance (in QC only), recreational vehicles, pets and travel.

While the term “a group” is often misunderstood when applied in the context of group insurance, according to The Personal, a group can be either a large organization, a professional association, an association of graduates, a retiree’s association, a union or a university.

Benefits to Members

  1. Members are provided a robust offering of services that guides them through both the personal and professional aspects of their lives.
  2. The Personal offers its members exclusive access to special group rates that are not generally available to the public.
  3. Insurance packages are offered directly without the intermediary of an insurance broker. Therefore, every member is allowed to speak to an insurance agent to obtain personalised insurance services, in line with their current needs and budget.
  4. With quality products and friendly, professional service, members can arrange a wide range of solutions through a single source, with the assurance that their Association is backing them.

Benefits to Affinity Groups

Associations also enjoy the following advantages when implementing a well-run membership package:

  1. Enhanced proposition to new members - Providing membership benefits for members ultimately leads to a healthier work relationship because members have access to great insurance coverage usually at a cheap out of pocket cost.
  2. Improved retention of existing members – Providing an affinity group insurance plan ensures that your group (organization, professional association, professional order, association of graduates, retirees association, union or university) effectively attracts and retains its members.
  3. It increases the group’s credibility and improves its reputation throughout the profession.