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Three Reasons to Self-Publish With Agora Publishing Ottawa

Marc Anthony said, “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life”, but what if what you love to do is to write and you have to depend on publishers to decide the fate of work? Would you feel the same love for what you do? Aspiring career writers often ascribe self-publishing to hobby writers but in reality, self-publishing is open to all sorts of professionals who want to share their ideas—and make money.

Thanks to print-on-demand, book formatting, editing, and other quality control checks offered by, budding writers in Ottawa now have a way of breaking into the market often reserved for professional writers. Professional writers, on the other hand, will find self-publishing as a means of expanding their readership beyond the shores of Canada. Here are three reasons why you should consider kicking off your self-publication journey with Agora Publishing.

Boycott publishing bureaucracies

The rules and guidelines provided by most traditional publishers which authors are mandated to stick to can be sickening. From the query letter to sending your CV, these are unnecessary processes writers often have to go through without any guarantee that their work will be published. If you are lucky to get your manuscript accepted, it also often means signing away your creative control. The publishers would most likely determine the cover design and formatting as well as make changes to your sentences—and your favorite phrases may be deleted.

Every author usually has a mental picture of what they want their book to look like. If you sign up with a traditional publisher you will likely watch the mental picture of your dream book eroded away. Self-publishing, on the other hand, will give you the opportunity to birth your dream book just how you imagined it. Traditional publishers will also determine how much your book will be sold which may be below or above your expectations but you can do nothing about it.

Faster publishing times

Traditional publishers usually have their publishing timeline and this might affect your sales if you wrote a book for a particular season. Imagine how the timing of Charles Dickens “A Christmas Carol” affected his sales. With self-publishing, you can decide exactly when you want your book to be published. According to Toronto Business Journal, “as long as you’ve put all the final touches on your project, you can upload it to a self-publishing site, choose where you want it to sell, and within days or weeks, your fans will be able to buy it”.

Expand your audience

Since you have sole control over what happens to your book, you can make it open for sale in various countries. In a few weeks, you can be on the global limelight depending on how well you did your promotion—and you will keep a larger chunk of the profit for yourself.

Are you a budding or professional writer in Ottawa area looking for a platform to self-publish? Visit Agora Publishing, a non-profit founded in 1997, and partner with their self-publishing book services to facilitate your book production, marketing, and distribution.