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6 reasons to avoid car repairs at St-Laurent Volvo

There are a few Volvo dealerships in Ottawa, but the St-Laurent Volvo dealership has been blacklisted by several customers due to its subpar services.

The dealership has left numerous customers dissatisfied with its services due to the company’s sheer unprofessionalism and poor management. Many customers are now advising others to steer clear of the dealership either for purchasing or servicing their Volvo—or any other luxury vehicle.

A Better Business Bureau (BBB) complaint has been filed against the dealership and there are various other online reviews that reveal the poor standard of services being rendered to customers at the dealership.

“If I had to describe my experience with St-Laurent Volvo in one word it would be ‘nightmarish’. The service I received was night and day different from any other Volvo dealership I’ve been to. It is impressively poorly run,” said Sam, a dissatisfied customer who visited the dealership.

“It is my humble opinion that this dealership is a shitshow, and I would be highly sceptical about any positive reviews posted based upon our experience which you will see in our very extensive BBB report,” said the claimant.

Rather than offering the high-end luxury services that the Volvo brand is known for, the St-Laurent Volvo dealership has shown contempt in how it treats customers since its management takeover. The company’s poor communication, empty promises, exorbitant fees, and late delivery timelines have been the highlight of most customer reviews of the dealership.

If you live in Ottawa and need your car serviced or repaired, here are some reasons why you should avoid St-Laurent Volvo:

1. Lack of communication

Getting progress reports on your vehicle at St-Laurent Volvo is extremely frustrating since they are notorious for ignoring calls and never returning them. Customers can go days, even weeks, without getting proper feedback from the dealership on the status of their car.

“Paid to have our car diagnosed, and then had several runarounds and no returned calls for weeks for a part that was supposed to be ordered to fix the problem,” said Kim Render, an unhappy customer at the dealership.

Additionally, employees at the facility exhibit poor communication skills when asked basic information they should know.

“The gentleman at the counter seems totally lost. I asked a few questions which he was at lost to answer. My questions were very simple about spark plugs, winter tires and rims,” said Claude Brunette when he visited the dealership.

2. Late delivery timelines

If you intend to get your car ready in time for a trip, taking it to St-Laurent Volvo would be a really bad idea. Your vehicle can remain unattended to for weeks without consistent follow-up, according to one BBB claimant.

“For weeks they kept promising us they would get the vehicle checked. Cliff and Frank multiple times promised to inspect our vehicle and didn't,” said the disgruntled claimant, whose car was left untouched for almost two months.

Delaying on delivery timelines puts a huge stain on the reputation of this dealership, especially with the blatant dishonesty by service managers.

3. Incompetent technicians

Most drivers would choose to take their faulty cars to a dealership rather than privately owned repair facilities due to the manufacturer training requirement imposed on dealerships’ technicians. 

However, with St-Laurent Volvo, there have been numerous online complaints about how the company’s technicians fail to diagnose the problem accurately and end up causing more damage to the car.

Many customers have lodged complaints about how their car was still experiencing faults—or developing new ones—after taking it in for service.

Vincent Gradeau had taken his car to the dealership when he noticed some problems with his car’s alternator. After waiting for days to know the status of his car, he eventually called, and they claimed to have fixed the problem, but the car was still problematic.

In fact, Vincent’s car now had a faulty alternator belt—a problem that never existed when he took his car to the dealership.

“The next day comes, they finally call me and tell my car is ready. A few weeks later, my alternator belt started to make a lot of noise. I wait a few weeks hoping the belt will tighten up, but without luck,” said Vincent.

4. Terrible customer service

Gone are the days when St-Laurent Volvo was known for its top-notch customer service. Today, it is the direct opposite and, just as Kim Render, a reviewer, said, it now has the “worst customer service ever.”

“First I spent 30 mins waiting for a salesman and then left. The second time I spent 15min waiting. During that time, I read these reviews and realized I was making a mistake. Even if I got the car of my dreams it sounds like it comes with the service of my nightmares,” said Rudy Dunno after paying a visit to the dealership.

Jody Thompson, a long-time customer, said the dealership’s service department is very poor and a complete contrast to what it used to be.

“I call for an appointment and nobody returns my calls. Once they were trying to hand me back another set of keys to a different vehicle and I tried to explain it wasn't my vehicle but they were frustrated with me and still kept telling me it was my vehicle. That took 15 minutes of me convincing them it was not my car,” said Jody.

5. Inflated prices

Getting your car serviced or repaired at St-Laurent Volvo would mean you paying more than you bargained. This dealership charges exorbitant fees on certain parts and installations in comparison to other dealerships in the Ottawa area.

While trying to change his car’s catalytic converter, a BBB claimant said the dealership charged him double the amount, when similar repairs had been done for a cheaper rate on another Volvo elsewhere.

“St-Laurent Volvo was seeking to charge us an inflated price of $2,800 for a convertor when I paid $1,400 before on a separate vehicle,” said the BBB claimant.

6. Shady practices

St-Laurent Volvo engages in a lot of shady and unprofessional practices that would leave you frustrated and surprised.

First, they stalled in issuing an invoice to a customer regarding repairs for weeks and would only do so after numerous requests—a move that appears quite suspicious.

“Then they resisted issuing a formal invoice for contemplated repairs like they are some shady garage,” said a BBB claimant.

Also, they may be cases of possible extortion from customers who bring their cars to the dealership for repairs. One would be that of Vincent, who was charged an extra $500 to fix a problem that didn’t exist when he first drove his car to the dealership.

There have also been claims of racism targeted towards certain customers by employees at the dealership. 

“I have never met such an insolent salesperson who keeps pushing potential customers to other stores. She seemed unwilling to do business with us,” said Elain Luo, who came to buy a Volvo XC90 at the dealership with her husband.

“I guess she may have a racist attitude because I reviewed the previous comments, and another Asian customer also had a worst experience with the same young lady, Alanna Noakes!!! I really felt bad after leaving there,” she added.