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12 ways to find good-paying freelance jobs

In today’s gig economy, becoming a freelancer is a fantastic way to earn more money from the comfort of your home. If you already have an in-demand skill such as creative writing, graphic design or web development, you can instantly start offering your services to customers.

There are several reasons why you should start freelancing. For one, it is a great way to generate additional income to either pay off debt or increasing your savings. A lot of salary earners typically live from paycheque to paycheque; and for low-income earners, after using an hourly payment calculator to calculate your current wages, there’s always the need to earn more money on the side.

Freelancing requires very little money to setup especially if you already have the skills. Also, it offers you the flexibility to work on your own schedule. Almost all kinds of services can be offered by freelancers but finding a freelance job can be difficult.

While there are many benefits to becoming a freelancer, there are also a few downsides to it. Finding a good-paying freelance job can be quite difficult especially if you’re fully reliant on it. Since the income can be irregular, freelancers always have to employ different strategies to attract clients and earn more money.

Once you’ve decided to provide some freelance service, the next step is to determine what platform and tools you would need to get started. Here are great ways to find freelance gigs that would be very profitable.

  1. Register on a freelancing platform

One of the first things to do as a new freelancer is to find the right platform to offer your services. There are lots of freelancing websites with numerous clients that you can tap into.

Finding jobs on most of these freelancing websites is not that straightforward, especially if there are already several people offering the same services as you do. The trick, however, is to find a freelancing site that is relatively new, quite credible and has very little competition.

  1. Crawl career sections of websites

Most corporate websites have a section at the footer or header that says “Careers” or “Join Our Team”. These pages basically contain details about available job positions within the company that you can apply for.

Therefore, if you are a freelance graphic designer, for example, you can visit the career pages of companies that fall within your industry and check to know if they are recruiting.

  1. Write for blogs

For writers, it is quite easy to land writing gigs for a blog. Thankfully, there are thousands of blogs out there to choose from and most of them pay freelance writers to contribute articles to them.

You’ll have to be good at what you do to consistently land a writing gig but if done properly, you can attract the attention of big blogs who would be more lucrative.

  1. Search LinkedIn Jobs

Once you’ve built a professional profile on LinkedIn, you can take advantage of an additional feature on the platform called LinkedIn Jobs.

It allows you to search for all kinds of jobs, whether freelance, full-time or part-time, just by simply sorting available jobs near you. Additionally, you can message recruiters in companies that interest you to inquire if there are any available positions.

  1. Niche job boards

There are plenty of websites that have their own job board. These platforms usually have plenty of high-quality listings that may be of interest to you.

  1. Dribble and Behance Jobs

Dribble and Behance are two of the largest networking platforms for creative designers. They both have a Jobs section where designers can find jobs that are related to creative design.

All you just need to do is visit the Jobs section on these platforms and search for a specific job that you’d like, then apply for it.

  1. Patronize a paid service

If you’re in desperate need of a job with not enough time to spare to search for one, you can take advantage of some paid services that do all the hardwork for you.

With just a little token every month, these platforms would crawl thousands of marketplaces, freelance job sites and job boards just to find you the best job that fits your skills and experience.

  1. Use the advanced search on Twitter

Twitter’s Advanced Search is another untapped gold mine for finding freelance gigs. Almost every business these days has a presence on Twitter and their recruiters are constantly searching for talent.

With Twitter’s Advanced Search, you can easily search for specific keywords such as “Hiring” or “Jobs” to see a list of tweets that contain the relevant keywords.

  1. Search Craigslist

You heard right! Craigslist isn’t only for listing used cars, electronics or apartments for rent, it can be a great place for freelancers to find gigs.

Just type in a relevant keyword such as “Hiring” or “Wanted” and you would see a list of results that contain job ads.

  1. Search Facebook Groups

One channel that is quite popular amongst both business owners and freelancers is Facebook Groups.

Just log into your Facebook account and type the relevant keyword for your industry and hit search. You’re bound to see a bunch of Facebook groups that are filled with gigs that freelancers can apply for.

  1. Check Stack Overflow Careers

If you’re a developer, you’re probably familiar with Stack Overflow. However, the platform equally has a career’s section where you can view a list of available jobs posted by technical recruiters.

Just sign up and start applying for whichever one matches your skills, experience and catches your interest.

  1. Send a cold email

You can be more intentional with your search by sending cold pitch emails to your target customer describing how beneficial your service would be to them.

Facebook, LinkedIn, Google and Twitter can provide you with some background information that you can use to reach out to these organizations.